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Considering Coaching?

Life and Emotional Development Coaching is not therapy, but rather is a more direct proactive approach that provides you with the confidence and security during moments of uncertainty or doubt. It opens the door to explore new opportunities, it invites you to get out there and shine and succeed while staying true to yourself and making your unique qualities and skills blossom.  


My background and knowledge in human development and psychology allows me to get a deeper understanding of you in a shorter amount of time, which allows for more exploration and moments where solutions might come and you will get the insight that you need.


I am passionate about providing support and guidance to women seeking a better work-life balance. Life and Emotional Development coaching is a powerful tool that allows you to focus on the present time and your future goals. It's an anchor that guides you and grounds you when feeling overwhelmed by unexpected circumstances, a big decision or taking an important step in your career and/or life. 

Lets navigate together the different transitions, career changes and life changes that you are going through or plan to immerse yourself in. Let's explore together and embrace your true identity in this busy and competitive world.

We will work together as a team towards your personal growth, while incorporating your unique qualities and strengths which are key components to this process.  

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