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About She is Strong

and Mindful

SHE IS STRONG AND MINDFUL is a safe and diverse healing space designed to celebrate the uniqueness of women. By creating She is Strong and Mindful, I strive to support and encourage the mental and emotional wellness of women who often find themselves overwhelmed by the challenges and transitions they encounter.

All women, while already resilient and self-aware, sometimes need the right support to help them unveil their inner strengths, skills, and successful selves. The name SHE IS STRONG AND MINDFUL was inspired by all and each of these these women. My work is focused on helping my clients recognize these features of themselves that already exist, and inspiring them to believe that these qualities can blossom even further.

I truly believe in the transformative power of a trusting therapeutic relationship. Stigmas surrounding mental health and therapy often prevent women from seeking professional support. My holistic approach combines three key steps where you will be able to:  

EXPLORE: You will have the opportunity to discuss healing goals and visualize the best version of yourself. During the exploration phase, I will be able to learn more about you, your goals, aspirations and personal journey. We will discuss an agenda that will fit your needs as well as expectations for our work together.

CONNECT: You will be able to identify your needs and goals and create an individualized healing plan, complete with services that best support your needs. As women, we will be able to establish a connection that will allow for our work together to focus on your personal journey of self-exploration, growth and recovery.

TRANSFORM: Begin your transformation into mindfully discovering the best possible version of yourself. During the process of transformation, you will find yourself surrounded by possibilities and opportunities. You will feel stronger to make decisions and feel comfortable in your own skin, while proactively working on your personal goals.


Lorena Ramos, MA, LCSW
Founder of She is Strong and Mindful 
Growth and Recovery
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