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Local Resources 

 I have had the opportunity to connect with these local inspiring professionals and businesses and learn about their career and passion to help others stay healthy, grow personally and professionally and most importantly be the best version of themselves!

This list gives you the opportunity to learn and connect with self -growth resources and professional services available to you!

Body wellness:

YOGA- Looking to start your journey to wellness and connect more mindfully with your body and mind? Check Molly's website, she is passionate about helping others stay atunned and  takes time to get to know each of her clients and will work to improve your yoga practice at your own pace and time

CHIROPRACTIC AND REHABILITATIVE CARE- Andy and his wife Jessica are the founders of Northcenter Healthcare that provides a comprehensive patient centered approach to care and physical wellness, their services include manual therapy, rehabilitation, prenatal/postpartum care and chiropractic care. 

Career coaching:

FIERCE AND FOCUS- Are you in need of some guidance and help with your resume, currently searching for a new job or working on a career goal? Be fierce and focused on your next venture with the guidance of Katy:


In case of an emergency or if you need the police to conduct a well-being check on a person of concern: Call 911 to speak with the Chicago Police Department to request a well-being check. 

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